Angel of BBW

Above are three beautiful women. One is a petite model, one is a plus model, and Jenna Talackova the transgendered miss america contestant.

To me I think the plus model Tara-lynn is gorgeous! she is healthy and confident in her beauty and isn’t portraying or promoting bad health. I think being too overweight is a problem, and weight/health management is very important. That being said, I also think the thin model is beautiful, but think being too thin is a problem too. I think Jenna is fabulous! and am glad she fought for what she believed was right, because any person deserves to try out for miss america, and she fits the role as good as any of the other contestants.

I feel we pick each other apart too many times as women, and judge other’s appearances when we should only be concentrated on our own self image, how we see ourselves, and also how we want other people to see us . We don’t know if the thin girl has an eating disorder, or that the girl is fat because she eats too much. We find fault in everyone and make fun of them. “That girl must starve herself, she’s soo thin!”…”That girl is so disgusting, why doesnt she get off her fat ass and exercise!”….”That chick use to be a dude! gross!”…If it doesn’t pertain to us, it really isn’t any of our business. The girl may be thin because she has a high metabolism which causes her to burn calories at a fast pace. The girl may be big because she has a disorder that causes a major hormone imbalance making it difficult to lose weight no matter how much exercise she does. The transgendered, finally figured out who they really are and just want to live and be happy as that without being harrassed or ridiculed. There are many different reasons for every single persons appearance and persona, so we shouldn’t sit by and try to think we “know” why they are the way they are.

In this life, we have to let go of other’s around us, and just live for ourselves, and accept everyone else as they are. Treat others how you want to be treated, and just be nice. I’m not saying run around and hug everyone and love everyone. I just think we need to accept each other better, and judge less, because everyone is dealing with their own shit, and sometimes it’s best to just say nothing if you can’t say anything nice. I’ve had my own share of making fun of someone. I haven’t been perfect, but through growing up and learning, I’ve learned that it really doesn’t matter what my opinion of someone is. What matters is how I treat that someone, and if I don’t treat someone with respect and kindness, then I shouldn’t expect to get that in return, nor would I deserve that. So I strive to treat everyone equally, and how I would want to be treated, and am willing to stand up for someone if I see they aren’t being treated fairly.

Question of the day…

Why does it seem to be “red heads” everywhere? Is that the new trend? I thought blonde’s had more fun lol?



Big girls don’t cry? That’s a lie!

Truth is, most people that come into our lives, end up hurting us one way or another. We look into our hearts to forgive them, and try to carry on in hopes that it never happens again. I know sometimes we lose track and touch of people who are important to us that we love, but we should never really let them go. I am a big girl, and tho we all try to put it out there that we are tough and can handle anything that comes our way, including being made fun of, it’s hard sometimes. We all crack one time or another, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be human. Today is just one of those days fellow BBW that I have a hard time believing that I am beautiful. I had a few nasty messages on here, and have even had my ex compliment on how beautiful his new girlfriend is. I try not to be mean to other people like that, and try to always see the good in people, but after being burned, it’s hard to pick up what’s left of your sorry self and move on. I’ve had too many relationships where the guy constantly put me down, or made fun of my weight, or would tell other women they were “sexy” or “beautiful” and I would always wait for my compliments to come and they never came. I don’t want ya’ll to feel sorry for me, I just venting, and wonder if there are other BBW out there that feel the same way. We all beautiful, we just need to hear it sometimes ya know?

Every second brings a fresh beginning, every hour holds a new promise, every night our *dreams* can bring hope, and every day is what you choose to make it.
Question of the day…

Do you think you should stay with a guy even tho he is always commenting and complimenting other women saying they are beautiful or sexy, and never compliments you?

You are not beautiful because I looked at your body, but because I looked into your eyes and I saw what was in your heart.
Haters of BBW!

So i’ve been noticing a lot of my friends that are big women, seem to get very nasty and mean comments about how they look or simply name calling about being a pig or whatever. I just don’t get this world we live in, like if we can’t be nice to people and just appreciate that everyone is different and unique, than their is no hope of ever having peace in this world. I don’t find all people in this world attractive, and I don’t think that bony skinny girls are pretty or healthy looking, but I also don’t go out of my way to belittle or be mean to people i’m not attracted to. What is the point of being mean like that? all it ends up doing is causing anger or someone being more self-conscious in themselves. If you are the type of person that likes digging people and making them feel unimportant, and ugly, than you are more unattractive to me than any skinny or fat girl out there. We all need to start loving each other more people! We may not like the fact that big girls are big, or skinny girls are bony, or whatever type of person you aren’t attracted to, but we don’t have to discriminate and we don’t have to make that person feel like a piece of shit, just because we may not like who they are on the outside. If I were a dude, i’d rather take my chances with the faithful loving girl, than a fake bitch that cheats and is only after my money. Like I just don’t understand why people have to go out of their way to harrass people and be mean, and especially you cowards that comment “anonymously.” Get a life and move on, if you don’t like what a girl does on her page, move along and find a page that you do like without having the need to write her something just to make her cry, you heartless pricks.

Big Girls Listen Up!

I know that there is a stigma attached to us bigger girls that we aren’t beautiful and that we ate too much and don’t exercise which is why we are fat bla bla bla…but we know that isn’t the case. I think it’s so sexy and beautiful when I see a big girl who is comfortable in her own skin, and is confident in her curves and isn’t afraid to show off her legs or her cleavage in a nice sexy dress. I do however do not think it’s sexy when big girls think they have to show their tits, ass and vag all over the place. I feel like it kind of gives us other BBW a bad name that we are trying to show off or that we are trashy/skanky. Don’t get me wrong, I think the naked body is a beautiful thing and that the BBW models out there are gorgeous, but really all you TUMBLR girls out there, don’t think that you have to get attention or compliments from showing off your naked self. I’m sure you are beautiful, but why do you feel the need to have to expose yourself like that? I think a sexy photo of just being in undies and a tight tank top is just as alluring as a nudy shot. And then at least you wont get all these negative perverted comments. Also, by posting yourself nude, you have to take the good comments with the bad and expect to get hate mail. Don’t think that skinny girls posing nude don’t get hate mail either. We all do. It’s just I think you all could represent us sexy BBW in a better way than having to expose yourself as a slut.

soo true…

soo true…